Indian revolutionary Mahatma Gandhi observed that our habits become our values, and our values become our destiny. But this also works in reverse.

Take the time to articulate your values and keep them always in front of you. Study them and what they mean for you (everything), and they will get into your blood.

You will start to be proud of your values and stick up for them. And they’ll defend you too, and keep you on your path, clear of all the others. With devotion, you will begin to live them out. Your values guide your habits and actions, and those actions create your destiny.

Figure out exactly what you stand for. Your values will be a bright map to who you will become, and a vital spark for your progress.

My values:


Choose creation over consumption


Exercise my freedom to choose and follow my own path


Define my values and work at what I’m drawn to, for what I’m drawn to


Live without internal friction and practice non-attachment


Let go of worry and take bold action toward my interests


See and know things as they really are


Expand and improve myself


Seek out and nurture fulfilling relationships